Insurance is valid for 1 year from the date of subscription of RED Shield – Device Security Solution.

Call us on 022-28717171 / 022-62456666.

1. To get a call-back, SMS “RED (space) <mobile number>” to 52040
2. Email us at
3. Visit our website

You will have to register claim within 48 hours of incident by calling us on 022 – 28717171, OR
You can also log on to the claim registration portal and fill the required details to generate your Claim Intimation number, OR
Send us an email to, OR
Send SMS “RED (space) <mobile number>” to 52040, to get a call you back.

1. Pick-up & Drop: Damaged device will be picked up from your doorstep.
2. Walk-in: You need to submit the device at our nearest Partner Service Center OR you need to repair the device from an Authorized Service Center of your choice.
3. Courier: You need to courier the device to us and we will get it repaired.

1. Claim Form.
2. Declaration Form for Damage.
3. Original Purchase Invoice.
4. A copy of Claimant’s photo i.d. & signature proof.
5. If the equipment is purchased by Company, a letter on company’s letter head confirming authorized person/user.
Apart from the above documents there are chances that a few additional documents can also be asked during the claim processing. The complete claim process & forms are available on our website

Yes. An estimate/quotation with part wise break-up of the damaged parts is mandatory as the depreciation will be charged on the amount estimated by the service center.

The required details are:
1. Date
2. Insurer's name
3. IMEI number
4. Part wise break up of quoted amount
5. Break-up of Tax, in case of any
6. Seal & signature from the service center

No. You will need to print and sign the Pre-filled Claim & Declaration Form. If the details mentioned in the Pre-filled Form are insufficient, you can complete them. Do provide a counter-signature against them.

The scanned copies of the documents need to be uploaded on OR
You can send them to

No. Please follow the instruction given by our helpline representative. Do follow the respective process, as per the Claim process. Only in case of ‘Repair at Authorized Service Center of your choice’, you can get the damaged device repaired, post receipt of approval mail from the administrator with the approved amount & approval type. If you receive an email of BER (Beyond Economical Repair), you will have to send the damaged device along the other accessories i.e. mobile box, hands free, USB, charger etc. to the administrator.

Get your mobile repaired from the same service center and courier a hardcopy of the documents along with the final repair bill & the damaged part to the following address:

Claim Processing Unit
C/O Shotformats Digital Productions Pvt Ltd
406/407, “A” Wing, Express Zone,
Western Express Highway,
Malad (E)
Mumbai - 400097

Do ensure that you retain a photocopy of all the documents that are being couriered.

There are 2 types. Claim is either approved on Repair basis (if the repair cost is below maximum liability) & Total Loss basis (Beyond repair OR repair cost exceeding 80% of device value).

Courier the damaged handset including the box and all accessories along with the hardcopy of the documents and the original mobile bill to the following address:

Claim Processing Unit
C/O Shotformats Digital Productions Pvt Ltd
406/407, “A” Wing, Express Zone,
Western Express Highway,
Malad (E)
Mumbai – 400097

Do ensure that you retain a photocopy of all the documents that are being couriered.

No. For claiming theft insurance original purchase bill is mandatory, without which the claim cannot be processed.

No. Joint accounts are not accepted. Bank account under Insured's/actual beneficiary name is mandatory for Insurance Company to credit the claim amount.

Yes. An authorization letter with seal & signature of the company on the company's letter head needs to be produced. Also, other supporting documents should be with company's seal & signature.

No. Claim will be on hold until & unless all the required documents are not received. You will be informed on the missing documents.

As per claim procedure under the insurance policy, approval for repair will be given by the insurance company after scrutiny of estimate and scanned documents submitted in support of damaged device. Depreciation is applicable as per the defined slabs depending on the age of device. To know more about the Depreciation slabs, you can check the policy handout issued during the activation of RED Shield – Device Security.

All documents need to be sent within 15 days of claim, failing which insurance company reserves their right to consider/reject the claim.

Yes. SIM blocking confirmation is mandatory. The format in which this requires to be submitted is available on and the same will also be shared with you over email during claim intimation.

Excess amount is a claimant contribution towards his/her reported claim.

As per IRDA rules, the Invoice has to be in the name of the claimant or the relative, as specified during the time of Registration.

No. A person below 18 years cannot be registered for RED Shield – Device Security.

No. They have to be submitted at the contact points specified above.

You will need to submit an Intimation to the Police, with details of the insured device and a detailed description of the actual incident. This document should be duly acknowledged by the Police with a stamp of the Indian Emblem along with the reference number i.e. GD or DD number.

Please ensure that the Police Intimation covers the following:
1. Date of registering complaint
2. Claimant / Insurer's name
3. IMEI number
4. Mobile number
5. Detailed description of the incident
6. Seal & signature from the Police authority

Claim Intimation Number is a unique number to identify and process your Claim.

Theft should be intimated within 48 hours of the incident.

SIM should be blocked within 48 hours of the incident.

Yes. SIM owner's name and signature should be procured. A self-attested ID proof of the SIM owner should be sent along with all the other documents.

Damage should be intimated within 48 hours of the incident (damage).

The foremost reasons for a claim getting rejected are:

  • Incorrect details given at the time of registration - Wrong name/spelling, incorrect DOB (DD/MM/YYYY), Wrong Invoice amount etc. It is most important to avoid such errors.
  • In case of theft, delay in lodging complaints with the police, and not mentioning that it was a case of theft.
  • In case of damage, not sending the repair quotation on letter heads.
  • Mismatch of details at the time of claim - Mismatch of DOB / IMEI number, report showing that the mobile owner is a minor (below 18 years of age); all lead to DELAY / REPUDIATION of claims.
  • Theft happening without a SIM card.

For more details, please refer to the Policy Handout, sent along with your Certificate.